Modern Review Plugin for WordPress


I´ve used GD Star Rating at my site for a long time, but the plugin doesn´t exist anymore and was old fashioned. For my purposes I needed plugin, which can handle multiratings (different rating categories) and could also handle user rating. Also I needed a comparison widget, which shows me the best items depending on the user ratings as widget. Last but not least an automatic generating of rich snippets for Google would be nice to have. I´ve found one plugin, which can handle all these features…

On Codecanyon you find many premium plugins with a fair price. Here I found Reviewer. It handles all given features, you can manage it easily and can translate the whole plugin in every language you would like. What are the steps after the installation? You create a rating template (could be more than one). There you can set a custom rating picture, the criteria, rating steps, messages etc. At the settings tab you define, which post types should be able to insert ratings. Within your post you create a new rating out of your created templates and set your rating. It´s not possible to insert an empty rating, which will be filled out by the user. Reviewer distinguish between author and user rating.


You get all this for about 20$. What is possible and how would it look like, you can also watch at the demo site of the developer.


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