Versioning Maria DB and MySQL Common


Who is using the alternative database system MariaDB at Debian and is updating some packages via Dotdeb have had the problem that updates of MariaDB can´t be installed. Error message: “the following packages have been kept back”. Reason is the versioning between MariaDB and mysql-common. You´ll find one solution at the link, but for me this didn´t work.

The best solution is to implement an option, which prefers MariaDB packages. You can set this on Debian at /etc/apt/preferences.d/

At this place I´ve created a file named 50_mariadb.pref. This file has to be named like I´ve written it in order to get the preferences for MariaDB working.

When you open this file with nano write:


Package: *
Pin: origin ""
Pin-Priority: 1000

In most solutions the quotation marks are missing, but these have to be set (regarding to man). At my code snippet I´ve inserted a mirror from the MariaDB 5.5 Repository. In general: Get the link from sources-list, remove http and everything after the top level domain and insert the rest between the quotation marks. Done!

apt-get update, apt-get upgrade and everything should work again.

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